PROJECTS On going thought patterns, processes, theories and project involvement.

Loose Lips video work.

Feb 2018: CTM and Transmediale: keiken: Care Stranding. An immersive installation. So sick to be invited to play some sounds for Keiken's crazy cyber-punk event. These girls are brilliant pragmatic workers and after doing gigs with them both in the OXO tower in London and more importantly in a Library in Falmouth, I knew they had something special lined up for me when they asked me to come to Berlin. They wanted me to bring my laptop and create some backing sounds for their event. If the library was anything to go by I'd have to bring plenty of field recordings and some fast paced beats to lay underneath. The library gig was great. I remember turning up to the event, with a load of other stalls and art exhibitions going on, and as we arrived the girls were casually saying how we had no idea where we were going to play. I remember Tani running off and finding the ground floor computer rooms deep within the old building's library, she returned with a look of cheeky accomplishment on her face. she led us down into the library's ground floor and as we entered we analysed the space on the spot, trying to arrange objects in such a way that it would give the room an an air of the hyper-real. By the time we were finished shuffling plant pots and placing office chairs at very particualr angles it did feel more like a CGI rendition of a library than something of the natural world. The gig ensued without a hitch, I sat at the back spinning double bpm techno and industrial field recordings from the 700ok, and doubled as a prop computer user, adding to the surreal office room tone. They did their thing and interpreted the music I was putting out with gyrating, jerking dance movements from within their EGF Hydra latex. Judging by this last gig I couldn't resist the Berlin invite. The promise of a larger space, more flexibility and another place to perform got me hooked. I convinced my tutors that the trip would be appropriate for my illustration degree and they gave me the go-ahead. Fig, 1. Photomontage pieces Exhibited at Keiken 'Care Stranding'. Although I was first invited to the show to make live music, I also created these pieces as a response to the ethos of Keiken. They are a very forward looking group who focus on the current state of data and technology and where humans sit among this. These pieces sat in the space that became the floor for the onslaught of physical role playing games that the girls had planned out. It was like a game on cooperative story mode that involved the whole crowd. Hanna did a great job of dictating the goals and methods of the game and brought everyone in to the little universe we had created. One audience member ended up taking all of his clothes off which as a group we had mixed feelings about. I personally thought that was the best possible result we could have hoped for. To create a situation so bizarre that it causes normal people to do highly unnatural things is just the kind of disruptive art I can get behind.
Involvement with the ever evolving sound art group: 700ok. Making music with these guys was extremely refreshing. I was able to leave my illustration studios when things got stale and be sure to find these two in some horrific audio stew. I would walk in to their studio and they would barely look up, but from what i coudl see they had rooted themself to some kind of auio project or research to some unhealthy degree. Just the kind of appetite for work that gets interesting things done.
Here's me running an art workshop at Kenton primary school. It involved designing backdrops for their play called Pirates Vs Merfolk. I started with some exercises like taking a line for a walk, then asked the kids to see what kind of sea forms they could find within their scribbles. We then used these shapes to inform our sketches that went on to a large banner. I also taught them the secret illustration technique of working in boxes to figure out the composition. Then once they were let loose it was hard to control the mad energy as they rattled out different intricate narratives within the piece. The large banner we made ended up being a mass of fun interactions between characters, fish and mermaids. I used some art directions skills to make the next few pieces a little more focused. I told them to work in rectangles and think of one or two elements that could sit within the boxes, These banners went on to be a bit more focused, and i got the kids to all talk together about which they liked the most out of everyone's sketches. It was amazing to see the skills and talent ready to shine within some of these little people! ~pictures to be posted once the play is up and running!
Fig, 2. Examples of early 700ok work. Zac was a giant punk at the time but i think his sound work turned him in ward into a hardcore Buddhist, the most hardcore Buddhist around. Maybe the music wasn't the sole cause of Zac's change of tone, but it was undeniable that spending a long long time just listening to abstract sound can have a beautiful effect on the psyche.